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Below is a copy of a message from the Rosslyn/Templar mailing list.   With the recent discussion of Sinclair Castles, I thought it might interest some.
Gary D Sinclair had made Rosslyn Chapel Guide books available a while ago and I found it very interesting also.
Here is the message with proper credits:


Message: 1
   Date: Sat, 13 Mar 1999 08:17:47 -0500
   From: Andrew Ormston <ormston@compuserve.com>

A CLOSE SHAVE   by Andrew Hennessey

Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle and its underground vaults,
10 miles south of Edinburgh, Scotland -
overlooking the valley of Rosslyn Glen are World famous for
their Templar and Masonic Bloodline connection with the
Sinclairs [Earl of Orkney discovered USA before Columbus etc].
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail of Rosslyn, its esoteric and
outright pagan and Gnostic chapel - an encyclopaedia of the occult
carved in stone - has become a world pilgrimage place for students
and masters alike. [as has the valley become a place of pagan ritual]
Said to house everything from; a piece of the true cross, the real
stone of destiny, Matthews scrolls, the head of god, the ark of the
covenant, the holy grail etc, Rosslyn Chapel and an alleged underground
secret library complex housing treasures galore - captures the imagination.
Head of the Rosslyn Chapel committee is the head of the Roslin Institute,
a nearby Scientific Complex where Dolly the sheep was Cloned.
This Institute has made positive noises towards human cloning.
A centre currently being expanded by new roads and infra red surveillance.
Half a mile from the Chapel and Castle is Rosslyn Lee Mental Hospital
opened in Victorian times.
Rosslyn [AKA Rose-line as in the alchemical rose] is ten miles south of
Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, and a line taken North on a map through
Edinburgh - [head of the Lion - summit of Arthur's Seat] -
and continued North will pass through several abbeys and cathedrals
on its way up the east coast of Scotland.
One or two miles north of Roslin is Polton, a former mining community now
featuring an industrial warehouse complex.
1 mile Further up the river Esk [which means snake] from Roslin is
Hawthornden castle allegedly linked by tunnel to Roslin - this castle
is owned by the Heinz food consortium.
The valley of the Esk is famous for its pagan worship and stone carvings
and is reputed as a power centre - where various piezo-electric fireballs
are generated on a 'frequent' basis by the fault movement in the basalt
In the 1960's the local police at Polton village had a problem.
The neighbourhood was complaining of 'funny' goings on and many folk were
disturbed by strange events.
So much so, that the local policeman, an ex-army footsoldier who had seen
action in the jungles of Malaysia - aged 37 - was so spooked that he took
an alsation dog with him on night patrol.
In the 1970's, the activities of a black magic coven operating in the
Roslin woods who ritually slaughtered sheep and drunk the blood spurred the
neighbourhood to reach for their shotguns.
The Legend of the BIG Black Dog of Rosslyn Glen goes back to the Middle
Ages - and this fiersome creature is seen to haunt the woods and
valley at Roslin today. Its red eyes are apparently a feature according
to a Rosslyn Historian.
In the 1980's, the neighbourhood was anxious about spooky sounds and
happenings around Polton railway tunnel - a 20 yard tunnel for a single
track railway line.
In the mid nineties, three painter decorators obtained the keys to a Polton
warehouse from a friend to pay the paint warehouse a nocturnal visit to
stock up on paint for a job the next day.
They opened up the gate and started to drive their car in.
They noticed someone presumed to be the night watchman on the roof of the
warehouse. As they watched, he changed shape into a 7 foot tall wolf-
featured humanoid. It spotted them and leaped off the roof into the yard.
At which point, it started to charge towards their car.
In a fit of terror, the men reversed at high speed out the yard and drove
The three men were so terrified that they then lost their place in life,
taking nervous breakdowns and losing their jobs.

If this is true of the 3 men - and the 3 witnesses were interviewed by
Garry Woods a prominent media figure and UFO researcher, then it would
that the mystery of Rosslyn; with its devotion to Bloodlines, Blood
Genetics, Occult, Lunacy, Satanism, Animism [there are over 140 'green men'
in Rosslyn Chapel] a place thought to be the ultimate connection to God
and the 'new messiah' - near Edinburgh - a City with Seven Hills [ref.
Revelations] - takes on a much more sinister aspect.

Somebody around there needs a serious shave :)

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh    Scotland