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Did you know?

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>From the Scottish Banner:

	When we put kisses in the shape of XXXs at the end of a letter, its origin
came from the Scottish Saltire?
	In bygone days, delivery of a letter could not always ensure that it was
written by the supposed person who had signed it, as treacery and double
dealing were rife during Scotland's unsettled years. 
	So a cryptic understanding was introduced by lawyers and others in high
places that by putting the symbol of St. Andrews X shaper cross somewhere near
the bottom of each message, this would guarantee that the letter's contents
were genuine.
	This secret sign worked for some time until another form of authenticity
could be found - but the X was to be taken up by lovers and sweethearts as a
representation of a kiss and to this day is the accepted token of love and
affection when fondness is expressed in a letter.