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Re: Castle Sinclair - Archaeology Notes

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Found a site - Canmore - that one must join for info. I did and here's what
they have on Castle Sinclair ( the all-caps and notes in parenthesis are

Castle Sinclair, successor to Castle Girnigoe and erected in its ourter ward
in 1606.
Reflecting the changing taste of its period, it was a building of some
architaectural pretnesion, three stories high in part, with apartments forming
a N (I'm assuming this is the direction) range and offices along the S
curtain. The castle belonged to the Sinclair Earls of Caithness, and it was a
dispute about succession which led to the ATTACK IN 1679 which so damaged the
castle that IT WAS ABANDONED.

Of Castle Sinclair, one fragment stands to roof height but the other walls
have a maximum height of 5m and some are turfed-over foundations, 0.4m high.
The outer walls are generally 1.5m thick, but some to the SW reach 3m in

Architecture Notes:
Carved stones and supporters of Arms from Castle Sinclair now at Ackergill
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