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thank you

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Hi Jean, 
Thanks for your offer to help. I do have family worksheets as I used to work on our family history when Rory was an only child.
We used to drive to a nice library 25 miles away so I could do research. Having 3 children in the last 6 years put an end to that!
No, Rory is not working on a Scout merit badge. He is homeschooled and has almost completed his whole years worth of work we had 
laid out for him. It always bothered me, when he did go to public school, that the teachers always said,"I don't know what to do 
with him, he has completed everything we have in class". Now I know what they meant!
So, we are having him work on family research, woodworking, etc. He loves to take the I.Q. tests available on the internet!
I will have to look through my work and see exactly what I have on these Sinclairs, we will call Grandma and pick her brain and
get back to you.
You see, I am rather computer illiterate and don't know much about how things work on the web, but I am learning. My husband 
and Rory are patient with me as I am learning! So we appreciate this list-serve and all the info we are getting off of it.
The history of the clan is very good for us all to read. We have printed a lot of it off so we can refer back to it and Rory can 
write a report.
Thank you,          Desiree  

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