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Re: Castle Sinclair

In response to your question about Sinclair Castle and the Battle of Altimarlach, I found the following at www.tartans.com:
"The direct line came to an end with George, 6th Earl who through debt granted the title and estates to Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy.  In 1676, after Sir John assumed the title, George Sinclair of Keiss disputed the claim and seized the Caithness estates, only to be defeated in 1680 by the Campbells near Wick.  Although the claim was lost by the sword, the Privy Council rendered his claim in 1681 and he became the 7th Earl of Caithness."
By the way, the Gunn Clan is being featured this week on the same site, for those of you who have Gunn connections.  I enjoy the brief, concise histories offered here.
Hope this helps,
Karen Matheson
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In my research of Sinclair abodes, Castle Sinclair is mentioned as having been
abandoned in 1679 after an attack that damaged it beyond repair. It is said
the attack was due to a dispute over succession. Could this be succession to
the Earldom of Caithness? Who did the attacking (so I'll know who to scowl at
when I come across their descendants)? Which Sinclair lived there at that

I haven't gone lazy. I have searched the net and can find no answers. It is my
understanding that the last clan battle, the Battle of Altimarlach, took place
between the Sinclairs of Keiss and the Campbells of Glenorchy in 1680. The
dates are close enough, but I don't want to make any assumptions. AND, oooooh,
those bad, bad, Campbells. Teasing, just teasing. As for the Sinclairs, we
never give up even when they huff and puff and blow our house down.

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