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Caleb Sinclair of the Mier Expedition, 1842

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My ancestor's brother was Caleb Browning St. Clair (b. ca 1799, d. 25 Aug
1872), son of John Sinkler/St. Clair (b. ca 1767 in VA, d. ca 1856 in
Jackson Co AL). Caleb married Harriett Palmer. His brother, my ancestor, was
Paschal Patterson "Pack" St. Clair (b. ca 1801 in Bedford Co VA, d. 187x in
Oso, Fayette Co TX) who married Eliza Jane Ragland (b. ca 1814 in TN, d. in
Fayette Co TX).

I have read several books on the Mier Expedition during 1842-1844. This was
a force of about 300 from Central Texas who captured the Mexican town of
Mier on 23 Dec 1842. They were tricked into surrendering after a battle
25-26 Dec, except for two: Caleb Sinclair and William Chalk. These two hid
in an outdoor bread baking oven and managed to escape. They made their way
back to Texas and informed the Texians about what had happened. It was such
a disgraceful loss for the Texians that their story was initially doubted,
until later confirmations appeared. After an escape attempt, the captured
Texians were sentenced to "decimation" in the Black Bean Episode. 159 white
beans and 17 black beans (10% of 176 men) were mixed in a jar. The Texians
had to each draw a bean, with those who drew black beans going to the firing
squad. Eventually, the last remaining prisoners were released in 1844.

About half of the books I have read indicate that Caleb Sinclair was from
Gonzales Co TX. If so, then he was Caleb Browning St. Clair, brother of my
ancestor. But, other books indicate that Caleb Sinclair was from New York.
So who was the Caleb Sinclair of the Mier Expedition?

I owe the majority of my Sinkler/St. Clair information to the research of
Jean Grigsby -- so thanks Jean!

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