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Re: Caleb Sinclair of the Mier Expedition, 1842

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Carolyn Harris of Australia has been researching the Mier Expedition for
several years.  Her web page on the topic is at
http://www.users.bigpond.com/Tall_Trees/mier.htm   She is looking for
descendants of the expedition.  Her email address is Carolyn Harris <Tall_Trees@Bigpond.com>

Diane Hettrick

John Carpenter wrote:
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> -------
> My ancestor's brother was Caleb Browning St. Clair (b. ca 1799, d. 25 Aug
> 1872), son of John Sinkler/St. Clair (b. ca 1767 in VA, d. ca 1856 in
> Jackson Co AL). Caleb married Harriett Palmer. His brother, my ancestor, was
> Paschal Patterson "Pack" St. Clair (b. ca 1801 in Bedford Co VA, d. 187x in
> Oso, Fayette Co TX) who married Eliza Jane Ragland (b. ca 1814 in TN, d. in
> Fayette Co TX).
> I have read several books on the Mier Expedition during 1842-1844. This was
> a force of about 300 from Central Texas who captured the Mexican town of
> Mier on 23 Dec 1842. They were tricked into surrendering after a battle
> 25-26 Dec, except for two: Caleb Sinclair and William Chalk. These two hid
> in an outdoor bread baking oven and managed to escape. They made their way
> back to Texas and informed the Texians about what had happened. It was such
> a disgraceful loss for the Texians that their story was initially doubted,
> until later confirmations appeared. After an escape attempt, the captured
> Texians were sentenced to "decimation" in the Black Bean Episode. 159 white
> beans and 17 black beans (10% of 176 men) were mixed in a jar. The Texians
> had to each draw a bean, with those who drew black beans going to the firing
> squad. Eventually, the last remaining prisoners were released in 1844.
> About half of the books I have read indicate that Caleb Sinclair was from
> Gonzales Co TX. If so, then he was Caleb Browning St. Clair, brother of my
> ancestor. But, other books indicate that Caleb Sinclair was from New York.
> So who was the Caleb Sinclair of the Mier Expedition?
> I owe the majority of my Sinkler/St. Clair information to the research of
> Jean Grigsby -- so thanks Jean!
> Thanks,
> Rick