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In Memory Pete Cummings

Fellow clan members;
It is said that sad news travels quickly and it seems that such is the case this morning.. Mary, I thank you for sharing the sad news that Pete Cummings passed away. I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know him through his web site, this list and through mailing but I regret I was not able to make it to Massachussetts  last year to meet him in person.
He certainly was a passionate, caring thoughtful individual that loved history, the sense of community and family and the importance of connecting the past and the present out of the strong belief that all people, both both those living and those who have passed away, are connected.
He believed that clans and families are important and that what unites each of us to one another is stronger that what separates us. During his lifetime he advanced an understanding of academic history and social importance of families in a way that will endure. I am sad at the news and will miss dialogues with him by email. My sympathies will be passed on directly to the family. Thank you for sharing this information Mary so that each of us can express our gratitude and loss.
A Personal Memoriam:
"Commit thy work to God " were not just words with you Pete.
We remember you, in deepest thanks,  Pete Cummings, for the many ways you shared your heart and passions freely and with the sense of making a wholehearted contribution to others.
We salute your leadership in, and for, your greater extended family around the world.
We have been enriched by your many examples of thoughtful intelligence.
God bless Barbie and your family.
Know that through the generations your contribution will be remembered and shall go on.
With honour we salute you.
Neil Sinclair-Toronto