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Clan Association Recognition

Fellow members;
I was requested to share the information that Clan Sinclair - Canada through Rory Sinclair Sec-Tres. will be attending at the Funeral for Pete Cummings. He passes on these kind words this morning;
"The Funeral will be in Holden Mass. on Wednesday 10th March at 1:00. I will be there for Clan Sinclair Association, Canada and will, I am told, be asked to do some piping.  Can you notify Toni and the Sinclair discussion group?  Pete was an amazing catalyst for the idea that genealogy could tie us all together.  The hard part will be to get someone to go through what he has, make sense of it and then keep on with it."
For those who can't make it to the funeral, joining you with our silent prayers at 1:00 Wenesday will be a meaningful contribution.
Thank you;
Neil Sinclair Toronto