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Re: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

I do hope my unpublished book is not included in your works.  I have had numerous persons contact me about material being sent out under two names who have purchased my books.  Yours was one of the names.  The material was verbatum - even the errors.  The other person was named English.  I recall her purchasing my book but do not have her address to ask her to remove my copyrighted book from the LDS internet in their libraries.  The people who sent me the information were stunned to find my material being flagrantly passed off as the work of others.
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From: Matheson
Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 1999 1:49 PM
Subject: Peter Sinclair of Chatham, NC

My book entitled "Peter Sinclair of Chatham County, North Carolina" is now available!  This work contains brief biographies of Peter Sinclair, his father David, and Peter’s children and grandchildren.  Also included are photocopies of original documents, and 21 pages of descendants containing up to 10 generations.  This book is indexed, and contains footnotes.  80 pages, soft-cover.  Cost is $25.00 U.S. postage-paid.

Contact Karen J. Matheson directly at zoo@slkc.uswest.net if you are interested in receiving a copy.