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Scotland, castles

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Hi everyone,

I had the misfortune of having the flu and so stuck at home I started 
reading over some of the family papers and stuff that mother has.
I came across a facinating news paper article from The Sun, Tuesday, 
June 12th 1956.

The article is all about the Queen Mother taking residence at the Castle 
of Mey. A castle that my own nana always talked of.
The article goes on to talk about the Sinclair's and the history of the 
It also says this story;
" A turret-room which used to be sealed up now is just another bedroom. 
It was said to be haunted by the ghost of a fair young maiden. Legend 
has it that long ago a daughter of one of the earls was locked in the 
room because she had fallen in love with a farm worker.
>From the window she flung herself to death in the courtyard below."

It also talks about the views of the rocky Caithness coast to the 
red-cliffted Orkney Islands.

There is a picture of the castle and little interesting snippets of 
information about the castle and Caithness and to someone who is not 
familiar with the castles and Caithness it makes facinating reading.
I haven't quite found my link to all of these wonderful places yet but 
the thrill of knowing that somewhere along the way my ancestors all were 
apart of such a great country like Scotland.

Is anyone able to tell what the relationship was like between the clans, 
I found an old photo with to Mcleod people in the picture in thier kilts 
and standing outside a castle?

I heard that the Queen Mother might return the castle to the Sinclair's 
is this true?

Just thought it was interesting,

Sincerely, Jenny Coster
North canterbury, New Zealand  


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