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Re: Subscription & Richmond, Robeson & Bladen Counties, North Carolina

John Q,
I think you've done great--sticking the instructions on every page!  Maybe put the line that says for subscription, unsub, etc. at the top of the page instead of the bottom--otherwise, I don't see how you could make it any clearer!
Having said that, I would interested in connecting with anyone who has information about or is a descendant of the following:
1) Colin Sinclair who died in Richmond or Robeson County, North Carolina between 1790-1800.
2) Elias Sinclair who was taxed in Richmond County, NC in 1793.
3) John Sinclair taxed in Bladen County, NC in 1784 and in the Bladen, NC census of 1790.
Thanks to all!
Karen M
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>I do not want to remove myself from this list.  However, I have had difficulty
>removing myself from other lists that weren't what I thought they were.  My
>experience may not apply to this list.

It applies, as one among several related problems.

>Sometimes when we subscribe to a list, the server or 'thing-ma-bob' (precise
>computer terminology) that sorts and sends us our mail actually has a
>different address than what we see.  Periodically the computer techie or guru
>or system administrator makes a subtle change in that technical address.  The

Permit me to clarify here that I believe you're referring to the system
administrator with the subscriber's ISP or company.  I don't change anybody's
address on the list without asking.

>list keeps sending the subscriber info which the 'thing-ma-bob' recognizes as
>no longer the current address but is smart enough to internally change the
>address so the subscriber keeps getting mail without knowing that the subtle
>difference even exists.  The problem arises when the subscriber attempts to
>unsubscribe and sends the appropriate message to the list.  The list 'thing-
>ma-bob' can't find the subscriber's internal numeric address on its list.  The
>gist of this long winded explanation is that it often takes some searching
>through all that gobble-do-gook at the end of your message to determine how
>the list recognizes the subscriber and to mail the request to unsubscribe with
>an explanation to that effect.

We do sometimes see that kind of problem.  It's usually fairly easy to fix.

We also sometimes see the related phenomenon when a subscriber wants to
change an address for this or another reason.  The only tricky part is
that the list owner (me, in this case) can't necessarily tell which
address the list subscriber wants to use to subscribe, so the
subscriber has to say which.  The easiest way to say which is simply to
unsubscribe with the old address and resubscribe with the new one.

>I am quite confident that I have confused and confounded as many readers as
>possible.  It was not my intent,  but......maybe I have helped somebody. 

The kind of problem that I was noting was when someone simply doesn't
follow the instructions at all.  I really don't know how to make the
instructions more obvious for this list.  I'm already cluttering up
every message with them.  Since even that apparently isn't sufficient,
I'm thinking of trimming the appended headers and footers to reduce
the clutter.

If anybody does think of a better idea, please let me know.
In the meantime, back to our regularly scheduled genealogizing
and the like.

>Connie in Missouri

Good to hear from you.

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