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Re: A Good Dictionary

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>Could we get off the dictionary stuff?  I think, we all know what a 
>bothy is by now.
>Is this ever used for geneology?

Why, yes, for example for looking up spellings of words such as genealogy.
(Sorry; couldn't resist.)

Also for interpreting old documents, or, in the case of the document
that started this dictionary craze,
interpreting contemporary documents.

>Anyone have any info re a John Francis Sinclair, B: Brooklyn, Kings Co., 
>NY 9/10/1890? D:10/6/1963, M: 1913 to Mary Elizabeth Kiernan, B: 
>10/25/1895, Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY, D: 8/12/1952, NY?
>Or a Richard Clinton Sinclair (my great-grandfather) who was actor and 
>on Camel cigarette bill boards or John Sinclair, who was in 4 moveis 
>with W.C. Fields?  Both from Brooklyn/NYC area?
>Thank you.

Not I; sorry.

>Sicerely, Richard F. Sinclair

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