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RE: Ontario Sinclairs

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Wow!  What an offer!

I know I can't be in Toronto on Saturday, but maybe you could pass on the offer to Marilyn.  I know that she's been searching for an Alexander in Galt, as well
as some people in Toronto.  She would probably jump at the chance.  Why not email her directly at MSiperek@aol.com. rather than doing it through the discus-
sion group.  You might get a swarm!

Perhaps we could meet there another time, when you are planning to go.  I went there once for a very short visit, and I was overwhelmed!  I have an early morning meeting on Thursday this week in the city, and I thought I might try the
Anglican archives when I've finished.  I'm still trying to find out about the two young Sinclair men who drowned with the anglican minister in Fenelon Falls.
I went to Peterborough to look up the microfilm, but got no further with the

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.


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