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List members,

After many months of piddling around with the idea of creating an archive of
the messages received by this list, I have set up that archive so that the
many interesting messages can be made available to anyone searching for
Sinclair, St. Clair, Sinkler related information.

Unfortunately, the archives prior to 11/98 only include about 700 messages
from June/July. (I thought I had a copy of ALL messages from June forward,
but found that they had been lost.) I've written to John Quarterman on this
and will try to get the missing periods filled in.

All messages since 11/98 and going forward are automatically logged to a
database. The index of the messages is automatically updated four times a
day. So any messages to the list will be available for searching shortly
after they are posted here.

I am still developing the front end for the display of the messages. In case
you are interested, it is available at:


Any suggestions on how to make the search function easier to use are

Best regards,
Paul Sinclair

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