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Guest Book Autoposted Entries: Please copy replies to author

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List members,

There were several "AUTOPOST" messages to the list over the weekend. I was
glad to see several replies already to the authors' comments about their
lineage! A word of explanation is probably in order so that the information
provided in your replies is not sent in vein.

The "AUTOPOST" messages are sent directly to this list by a "robot" whenever
someone posts an entry to the Guest Book that I maintain on my Sinclair
related web site. In case you are interested and do not have the URL for it,
it is at:


The Guest Book has become a fairly good store of information on Sinclairs
looking for - and providing - information. By automatically generating the
autoposts to this list, it gives the person who posted the entry a much
wider audience of Sinclair historians and genealogists than the post might
otherwise get.

BUT . . . since these messages are auto-generated to the list, it is not
necessarily the case that the person who submitted the information is
subscribed to this list. Therefore, if a reply to these autoposts is
submitted only here on the list the author of the post may never see the
helpful information that is offered.

Therefore, when responding to one of these "AUTOPOST" messages, it would be
very helpful to send a copy of any information that you have directly to the
author's email address. I will change the first few lines of these autoposts
to include the author's email address prominently so that it will be easy to
respond directly. If it is of general interest, messages to the full list
would also be appropriate.

I'm sorry if the nature of these posts was not clear.

Best regards,
Paul Sinclair

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