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Author:   Christopher Earl Strozier 
Location: Acworth, GA U.S.A.
Date:     Monday, February 22, 1999

     Hello. I have been facinated for quite some time about all things Scottish. I have also recently learned that I have a long ancestry dating back to 1200 ad. Scotland. My grandfather Is Earl Sinclair Kinnear. I have had a bit of trouble tracing the Kinnear, but have had no trouble at all tracing the Sinclair. Whereas I am not entirely sure of any solid clan relations I did recently attend the local Highland games In Atlanta, where I met some representatives of the Clan Sinclair. They were most helpfull. Any information at all that I could obtain about my families origins and the clan I would greatly appreciate. This is also my first time on the internet and I am thrilled to find a website entirely devoted to all things Scottish!

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