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Cincinnati history #1

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Speaking of Cincinnati brought back rememberances of the origin of the
Society of Cincinnati (not Cincinnatus according to World Book).  Lucius
Quinctius (519?-439?) a Roman statesman and general, was a legendary model
of patriotism.  In 458 B.C., Rome was threatened by the Aequi, a tribe of
central Italy.  The Senate sent messengers to tell Cincinnatus that he had
been named commander in chief.  The messengers found him plowing his fields.
He joined the army at once, and marched to rescue a consul who was in great
danger.  Cincinnatus surrounded and defeated the enemy, marched his army
back to Rome, and resigned.   He retur ned to his farm 16 days after he took
    George Washington was sometimes called the "American Cincinnatus"
because he also held his office only as long as necessary.  After the
American Rev., a group of former officers formed the patriotic Society of
the Cincinnati.  The city of Cincinnati, Oh, is named after this

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