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Cincinnatus History #2

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Do you remember Cincinnatus who was a scrawny character on the old Daniel
Boone series?  He was played by Dallas Mc...Mc... Mcannon.  Can't remember
Anyway that seems like years ago and he looked like an old guy then but he
is alive and kicking  here in Oregon.
    Each summer he plays the part of the mountain man Joe Meeker in a
pageant at Champoeg (pronounced: sham poo' ie) Park south of Portland.  I
saw him last year at a Thriftway grocery store just a mile from me where
they were promoting the sale of apples.  He was there dressed as Johnny
Apple Seed.  There was a little band and they had several catchy songs that
people joined in singing with him.  He has not slowed down and is as spry as
they come.  I really enjoyed him and he was so good with the children and
presented an uplifting message to them.

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