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Sinclair Place Names

Hi you all
I find the Sinclair history, totaly fasinating, including the places they lived, worked, and left their names on.
My wife (who`s German ancestor`s came from Odessa, Russia, which is another story) and I traveled through, British Columbia,Canada last summer. We drove through Sinclair Canyon, BC. on the way to Alberta.
After reading today`s message from Neil Sinclair regarding the history of Sinclair Canyon , I got my maps out again, and noticed a road called "Settlers Road" a few miles west of Sinclair Canyon, which runs south towards the US border. I don`t know the origin of that name. Sinclair Creek of course runs through Sinclair Canyon. There is a Sinclair Pass, and a Sinclair Mountain 8900 ft elevation, all a few miles East of Radium Hot Springs in BC.
I have been a member of this NewsGroup for about two weeks, and I am having a lot of fun with it.
What does "yours aye yours" or "aye yours aye" mean.
Ken W Sinclair