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Re: catalysts

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John; greetings to you and the cousins on your list.

I would offer some specific comments of appreciation for what your have
provided as the catalyst for both the web sites and the Sinclair list. I
have read with interest the results of some of the many purposes that the
list serves.

One of the foremost is the obvious linking of people and families. I can
attest that this has occured for myself for one instance and I am sure for
many others.  The next is the connecting and sharing of ideas and purposes.
I have been thrilled to watch so much valuable exchange of information, with
everyone adding a piece. What you may not know is the degree of
collaboration between some of us on the list even though we may not
communicate through the list per se. My practice has been that unless the
information is of general interest or a general inquiry, I never reply
through the list but directly with the individual. Hence I may appear more
quiet than I really aim.

Your leadership and support I applaud loudly. You have now connected
individuals around the world and fostered  friendships, families, ideas, and
discussion. Not a bad accomplishment I would say and right in keeping with
the Sinclair motto.  Hats off to you!!!
Yours aye;
Neil Sinclair

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