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Encourage each other

To all of those who are writing with a bit of despair about their seemingly unheard messages and need for a breakthrough on the path to their own line, I would like to say that I have been at this search for a lot of years, and would have quit a long time ago but for several facts of our lives as people, to wit:  a.  we have demonstrated tenacity in our collective history, and our family histories (as I read them) are full of documentation which attests to our innate spirit of curious determination.  b.  Our numbers are growing, as attested to by the appearance of new names from new places on a continuing basis.  It was a long time before I ventured either to ask specific guidance or to pluck up my courage enough to offer what little information I thought could be helpful.  c.  We are, collectively, always capable of coming up with new ways of approaching the geneologists eternal search in the dark for obscure kin  Who knows which of many efforts/exchanges/attempts will be successful?  There are some old adages to think about, including the famous "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again"  Who cares, if it works for you!
Jean Haddow, in all fairness, I sent you a response to your original query and interesting Fife-side information, but never saw any more referances.  I couldn't relate directly to your line with my own information, but certainly there were hints of one of my Caithness scions winding up in your neck of the woods that would have keep our small fire going.  It never occurred to me that your present address would have any more portent beyond a happy access to local history resources.  Perhaps it is because I lived in the same house with "cousins" in Roslin, Wick and a few other places for weeks on end, and always enjoyed the experience.  My wife still remembers a lady in Roslin village describing a local bird as a "wbb" (wee brown bird) and both decided that was as good a description as they needed to meet their identification programs.
If anyone is serious about giving up the chase, please will all of your collected wisdom to the Jump so our grandchildren can continue to talk to one another with some starting points of fact.  Seriously, I hope everyone hangs in there, just as I will hang on every word as long as my equipment holds out.
Aye, yours aye         Richard Ray Lower, almost 80 but still going.