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Re: Hang In there!!

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>Dear Laurel and fellow cousins;
>I wanted to share with the Sinclair list the great admiration I have had
>over the past year as to your historial insights and fine commentary. When
>minds as fine as yours are able to communicate so articulately as to the
>context of lives lived and loved, it adds meaning to the entire research and
>understanding for all of us.
>Let me add, as well, the importance of historical context in geneological
>research. It frequently can provide a context as to how and where to search
>for ones ancestors and what motivated them. Until one has the opportunity of
>reading about the historical situation of ones ancestors something valuable
>is missing. For instance I learned a great deal about the generational
>migrations to Canada from Toni who had the good fortune to appreciate and
>teach me about the crofting system on Islay and the pull between the older
>and younger generations within one family.

I'd like to second that thought.

It's probably worth remarking that this list serves several purposes.

* One is straightforward genealogial queries, almost in the matter of ROOTS-L.

* Another is discussion among those of us who know each other online or off.

* Another is support of family activities such as gatherings, historical
research, commemorations such as of Prince Henry's 1398 voyage, and
preservation of our family relics, such as that which Ian Sinclair has started.

* Another is publication of information by specific organizations,
such as Clan Sinclair U.S.A.  I wouldn't be surprised if this list
leads to the formation of new organizations, as seems like may
be happening in Australia at the moment.

* Another is collecting web URLs for further reference.

* Another is collecting pictures for posting.

* And there are other purposes, as well.  You, the list members
define what the list is for.

Personally, I find this list fascinating because it is so varied.
In my own genealogical research I've found that examining social
and political history and following collateral lines often produces
insights that result in connections you never suspected.

However, I can easily see how this list can be frustrating to anyone
who is primarily interested in only one of its various purposes.

At some point we probably want to consider breaking it up into smaller
lists, but I don't think it's time for that yet.  There's a lot of traffic
on the list just now.  There have been the usual few people leaving as
a result (I'm referring to people who actually left that I as list
owner saw do so, not people who said they might be thinking about it.)
But these things move in spurts and lulls, so I wouldn't judge typical
list traffic by the last week or two.  New members have already replenished
our ranks.

Someone has just suggested producing a digest form of the existing list
so that people can get daily summaries if they like instead of seeing
each message separately as it comes in.  That's doable, and if people
want it, I will look into it.

In any case, remember the list is what you, the subscribers, make of it.

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