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Comments on comments

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	There will always be those who come and go on the list for a variety of
reasons--lack of time, interest, or whatever.
	You are doing a fine job and we appreciate it very much.  Hope you will leave
it as it is and not split into different sections; we can all do with a
history lesson; encouraging words; and to know that we are really connected to
lots of good Sinclairs (and others) all over the world.  How great to be in
touch with those in Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, Australia, South
Africa---thank you very much for all your efforts.
	I would start naming names of all who contribute and encourage those of us
who do not know much nor have much time to devote to research----but it would
take a page or two to do it.  Just let me say you all have a friend and cousin
in Florida!
	Best to you,
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