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Sinclair/St.Clair Branches

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I am new to the list and am trying to find information about a Harry Linnely
ST. CLAIR.	  He is said to be from Kansas City, married an Elizabeth McALEVY
in about 1889, probably in Chicago.  One son:  Huntington George ST. CLAIR,
born 1890.

Our family has such limited knowlege of the St. Clair lines that we lack even
the most rudimentary facts.  For instance, how did the Sinclair/St. Clair
distinction arise, and why did some become St. Clair and others Sinclair?  Is
St. Clair most typically Scotish?  You can imagine all the questions that are
unanswered.  Perhaps some of you experienced researchers have some canned
background pieces that you can send or refer me to--or perhaps even better,
you have a link to my Harry?

Thanks so much,

Chris Melahn   cmelahn@aol.com
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