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New Member

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Good evening.  

I'm new to the list and have really enjoyed reading the 
postings of other subscribers.  But - Now need to send a 
message of my own so it will feel less like eavesdropping
and more like participating.  

Am intrigued by the early history of the St.Clair, 
Sinclair, Sinkler families.  But as a newcomer feel 
intimidated by the wealth of knowledge so many of you so 
obviously have.  How can a newbie ever catch up?

I'm very interested in hearing from anyone who might have 
any information on the whereabouts of Wiley Lee (Leander)
St.Clair, originally from western North Carolina, during 
the 1930's and 1940's.  He was my father.  I and my 
siblings came along late in his life.  There are a 
couple of decades of which we know nothing.  Would surely 
love to hear of or from any half-siblings out there.  

Thank you.  

Belinda St.Clair Norman


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