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Copying Photos on Good Color Copier

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My experience has been the same as Amber if you want
a paper copy only.  My eye likes the result, but my scanner
doesn't seem to like it that much.  When scanning the copy,
the result degrades substantially from the original.  While
scanning the photo itself seems to retain most of it's quality.
It might have to do partly with my scanner (HP 4P) and my
level of expertise.

Mike St. Clair

In response to this message written by Amber

>Mike and all:

I have had very good luck with making *good color copies* of original
photos.  More expensive but also cheaper than having a photo copied

If you put a color copy of a photo in a frame it is next to impossible to
determine that it's not the original.

Hope this helps.

>..... be forewarned that Xerox copies don't scan and display very
>well, but I'll be happy to use  whatever you have.  Something
>produced by a photographer would be best.
>Mike St. Clair

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