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Re: Sinclairs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Wash, Oregon, Montana, ...

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	I am interested in your list of Sinclair's that came from Orkney.  I do not
know where my Robert Sinclair came from but was wondering if you had a single
Robert Sinclair on the list.  This is a guess on my part.
	My Robert Sinclair was from Scotland.  He married a Margaret Loranger (dit)
Rivard (her father may have been named Louis), its took place in Trois
Rivieres, PQ.  This I found in the male Drouin Books.  I then know that they
settled in the Nicolet.  But The first baptism of a child is Marie Zoe 29 Jan
1828.  I have a hard time with this line because the information is usually
French, therefore the names are all French variation.  But since the first
born son has been identified as Johnny in more locations then the Jean
Baptiste and Jean variations that he must have identified more with the Scots
then the French.  The family all the way down to my Dad is all Bilingual.
	I did come across a census for Cape Breton Island for 1818 with a Robert
Sinclair married with one child.  This seems to fit but they do not give any
names for the wife and child or even the age.  It is hard to pin the
connection.  So the other choice was trying to find list of men from Scotland,
from late 1700-early 1800.  I have no idea how old my Robert is, but figure he
had to have been born before 1795 (the one in the census mentioned a 1793). 
	I your list could you check and see if you can have anything that may send me
back on the trail again.
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