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Re: Sinclairs in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, Wash, Oregon, Montana, ND &SD, USA

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To Serena

A few months ago I corresponded with a Connie Jones, and I saved this message
from her:

"I am a descendant of William Sinclair, originally of Orkney, a Hudson's Bay Co. man and husband of Nahowy.  I am in contact with many of his descendants, and we have our own newsletter, "Children of the Country".  We are trying to find all of his living descendants, as we are organizing a reunion in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the year 2000.  Anyone interested can contact me at

RR#1, Harmony Beach Road
Goulais River, Ont.
POS 1EO  (705) 649-0874
email    harmony2@ican.net

I believe that last February there were 1700 found relatives.  I don't know if you connect with that group or not,  but William came to York Factory, was a chief factor at Oxford House,and had 10 children, at least one of whom went to the Red River.

I have a list of Sinclair men who came from Scotland (almost all from the Orkney
Islands) in the late 1700-early 1800s, but I don't think that information will help you at this time.  I would recommend contacting Connie first.

Good luck.


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