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Posting Unidentified Sinclair/St. Clair Photos Online

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In response to the messages going back and forth about the
unidentified St. Clair/Sinclair photos -- I would be happy to
post copies of any such photos online, along with known
information, to give everyone the opportunity to identify them
and/or get copies. I could accept e-mailed copies in any
graphics format, or postal-service mailed copies of photos or
diskettes containing graphic files.  I would not want to receive
any original photos that needed to be returned -- just copies. 
And be forewarned that Xerox copies don't scan and display very
well, but I'll be happy to use  whatever you have.  Something
produced by a photographer would be best.

Please let me know if you have any interest in my providing such
a service.  If there is interest I will post my mailing address
and identify the URL where these will be made available.

Mike St. Clair
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