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RE: Outstanding Sinclairs

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I agree with Gary, Jean, and others, we don't need a list of the famous.
Places of fame, fortune, and "Good Families" are all relative.  I come from
a good family in Alabama, I was socially connected, was a member of a
sorority at U of A, was friends with many Junior Leaguers, and could have
participated in many upper-level functions had I chosen to do so.  In South
Carolina, those same connections don't get me anywhere.  Very few people
ever achieve status on a national scale and those definitely have skeletons
in their closets that are better left there.  While I enjoy the stories of
the "infamous" members of my family, others do not.  I think Gary's idea of
noting the contributions of the regular, hard-working people in our past is
more appropriate.  That way, everyone is included, which is truly the
purpose of a family.

Just my opinion, Darwin
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