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Re: Hattie Sinclair

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>  Hi! Marilyn: Yes, Harriet was called Hattie & she outlived Archibald.
Archibald died in 1886 in Great Village, N.S. In 1887/88, Hattie moved to
Mass. with her children. Lewis Frank moved to Toronto where he married a girl
whose father owned a large department store; Lewis Frank died in 1914.  In the
early 1900's Hattie moved to Minn. as her sister lived there; she was always
refered to as Aunt Rye by the nieces & nephews. Her name was Margaret Maria
McLellan & she was married to George S. Williams   & lived in Chippewa Falls,
Wisc.  My grandmother, Amelia Ethel Sinclair, married George Sherman Childs in
Robbinsdale, Minn. in 1911 & in 1912 they moved to Fla. where Hattie
eventually went to live & she died there  in 1929. that's all I know about the
Sinclairs & I surely do appreciate the info you have given to me.
> I will be leaving on Monday to go down to Plymouth Mass., as  my aunt, who
is 83 & single lives. I have been staying with her as she has a terminal
illness & shouldn't be alone. I am in hopes to be back the 21st. for the
holidays. ( will log in before I leave, though, to see if there is any
exciting news from any of you nice people)!          >           Marge
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