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Two quick replies to a new subscriber!

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Thank you list. I only subbed yesterday, and have received two very quick
replies already. Dallas B. St. Clair and Jean Grigsby responded to my
initail post on my descent from Alexander Sinkler (born ca 1666 in Scotland)
of Stafford Co VA. I had mistakenly -- from faulty memory -- said that old
Alexander was from Loudon and Fauquier Cos.

Jean, most of my info on my St. Clair lineage comes from your Vol. I book of
1987 or so, "Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair..." I have only been able to add
bits here and there, nothing substantial, to what you have compiled. I need
to email you privately about some of the Carpenter info in it if you don't
mind. I am having a devil of a time tracing them.

What can be said about old Alexander Sinkler coming over to Virginia in 1698
as an indentured servant for four years? Was that merely his way of paying
passage, or was he "transported", or ...? What could that say about his
family in Scotland?

There is a book out on the Scots in the Chesapeake Bay region and the
tobacco culture there, I will get the reference and post it soon. It is a
good book, but it does not, however, mention my Alexander Sinkler.

Thanks list,
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