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Re: John Sinclair b abt 1738 wed Catherine Haas/Hess

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Gail and Lou wrote:
Gail; Thanks for your kind offer of assistance. I forwarded the Info to
Jerrie as I wasn't sure she was getting it. I've been pulling in the
Archives and reveiwing them. The messages about the "Sinclair Nose"
intrigued me. I recently got some Pictures from a Great Uncle and one of
them was of my ever elusive Great Great Grandfather Thomas Ives St
Clair. I put scans on my New Page at Angelfire "Thomas and Massey St
Clair Family"
Be sure to check the "Cincinnatus and Rachel Graves Family" for a
picture of my Great Grandmother Rachel St Clair
If anyone wishes please take a look and see if he seems familier. He's
facing Straight ahead but he does have a prominent nose. The're not in
Color so I can't tell the color of his eyes but Blue eyes are dominent
in our family. Mine are blue with maybe just a hint of Green. And now
even tho they call me "GrandPa" now, when I was a wee young lad I had
the cutest head of blonde curly hair you ever saw. None of us stayed
blonde but we all start out that way. I'll have to add some of those
early pictures to one of my pages. Working on the history of the
Lenox-Lennoxes of Scotland and Ireland right now. So I have double
Scottish roots. One from my Mother's side "Thomas St Clair" and the
other from my Fathers "James Lenox". probably splains why I'm so "Scotch
with the Brod"
Robert The "Bright Fame" Stevens
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