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Sarah Sinclair[St Clair] Highland Co, Ohio

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I found a Sarah Sinclair on the 1830 Highland Co., Ohio Census Index and
just received from the Southern Ohio Genealogical Society the following
response to my query about Sarah. """According to McBrides Common Please
Court Records of Highland Co. One Sarah Sinclair made an Indenture for
John W. Sinclair aged 16 bound to George Tucker as a tailor's apprentice
for five years."""" Jean Could this Sarah Sinclair be the Sarah St Clair
that was in Ross Co 1810-1823. Refering to Family #37.[The family we
have researched documents a John St. Clair who married Sarah (Mershon)
in Kentucky.  They were in Ross County, Ohio 1817-1823.  Then Sarah, the
widow moved to Highland County.]. I'm still trying to locate the Parents
of Thomas Ives St Clair who got married on November 20, 1842 in Highland
Co. [I have copy of marriage info]. I'm quite sure that Thomas had
family in Highland Co but still not sure which family. Anyone who can
help here please jump in
Thanking you all in advance
Bob Stevens
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