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Sinclairs of Exeter

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Here are a couple of facts about John T. Sinclair and his son , John Albert
of Exeter some may find interesteing. They both enlisted in the 15th NH
Volunteer Infantry , Co. I in the fall of 1862. John T. would be discharged
disabled  in Feb. 1863 , while John Albert would serve out his enlistment.
The 15th was a 9 month regiment and would take part in the siege of Port
Hudson in the summer of 1863.
 After his discharge , John Albert would enlist in the navy in 1864 ,
serving on 4 ships as a coal hauler until the end of the war.
 A Lewis W. Sinclair of Brentwood is listed in Co. E  and dying July 25 '63
in Port Hudson.
For those interested in NH units in the Revolution , including those
mentoined by Morrison , try Richard Ketchum's "Saratoga-Turning Point in
America's Revolutionary War"
 One final note - has anybody else had trouble accessing the Sinclair Web
site the last couple of days?               Kevin Riley

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