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Re: New Zealand Sinclairs

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>I am sorry to say I do not know John Sinclairs parents, but I could give 
>you his date of birth, but I don't have it with me right now so if you 
>want to know I can give it to you later? 

Yes, please.

I've been in Edinburgh for a week and rather busy, so I apologize
for the delayed response.

>>>There is a John Sinclair which I have been researching only to find he 
>>>isn't my descedant due to an error of assumption in a book, he came 
>>>Orig, Caithness area. He arrived in Lyttelton New Zealand on board the 
>>>Lancshire Witch in about 1863. He was a carpenter by trade and there 
>>>masses of history left behind in New Zealand on him. 
>>Do you happen to know his parents?  We had some relatives go from
>>Caithness to NZ around then. 
>John my relatives came from Caithness around then are you able to tell 
>me names and dates of your relatives.
>I would be more than happy to do some searching for you in New Zealand 

OK, you are:
John Sinclair Quarterman
son of David Sinclair Quarterman Jr.
son of David Sinclair Quarterman Sr.
son of Susan Evalyn Sinclair
daughter of Benjamin Waters Sinclair
son of Alexander Sinclair
 b. 1778 Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland
 d. 15 Jul 1852, Thurso, Scotland

All of Alexander's descendants ended up in Scotland, Georgia,
Ontario, or India, we're pretty sure.  A NZ connection would likely
be through one of the previous generations:

son of William Sinclair, b. 1755, Scotland, d. after 1780, Scotland
son of John Sinclair, b. 1728, Gloval, Scotland
son of Alexander Sinclair, b. c. 1700, Scotland

Some of their descendants are known to have gone to New York, Michigan,
and Australia.  I don't know of any direct connections to New Zealand,
but I wouldn't be surprised.

John Sinclair Quarterman
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