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Cotton fabric

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Hi everyone.  I received a request sometime ago to update everyone on
the status of the cotton fabric.  I'm sorry this has taken so long but I
don't have email at home and I write from work.  Since I have been out
in the field forever, this has taken much longer to do.

The fabric is a cotton twill (medium weight), in the ancient hunting and
the modern dress.  It is 54 inches wide and $9.95 plus 5% shipping and
handling.  I have received orders totaling 57 yards in the hunting and
62 yards in the modern dress.  We need at least 300 yards of each to
order them.

My address is:

Darwin Ramsey
2722 Glenwood Road
Columbia SC 29204

Please make sure that you address letters by RAMSEY only.  I have
finally gotten divorced (for those of you that know me, this has taken
two years, that's why I have been preoccupied) and any mail with STYER
anywhere on it is forwarded.  I never see it.

The supplier requests at least  of the total cost at the time the order
is placed.  So that will need to be the minimum payment.  

If I have not addressed something let me know and I'll get to it ASAP.
Thanks, Darwin

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