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Re: Occupation

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Dear Debra, Toni and Richard,

Thanks for your replies. I love the ocean and always strive to  be near 
the it. In New Zealand my Sinclairs were mostly living near the ocean. 
Lyttelton especially is a port where all the houses look out over the 
harbour. My great Grandfather James Sinclair was a boat builder and his 
boat the 'Mascotte' was the champion boat in New Zealand in her time. 
James used to  have steam boats as well andwhich he used to take people 
on trips / cruises in. I am certain that my desire to be near the ocean 
comes from my Sinclair blood.

Richard: I am interested in any readings you can head me towards,
I love reading about any Sinclair history. 
My direct line, I believe, were from the Wick, Caithness area, so any 
information on them or that area would be really interesting. I know 
hardly anything of my Great great great grandfather William Sinclair, 
before he came to New Zealand.
 Toni: Thank you for your reading it was really interesting.

Debra I hope you have a great weekend too, thanks for your reply I will 
let you know how it goes. 


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