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Re: Sinclairs in Ohio

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Have you ever come across any Ohio Sinclairs in your research or
records? I am desperately searching for any trace of one Robert Sinclair
of Ohio (b. mid-1800's, d. ?) who married a Miss Ward (possibly JOHN
Ward). They were my gg grandparents. I haven't as yet been able to get
any farther back than them and I have very little information to go on
other than their names (and even with regards to my gg grandmother, I
only have a maiden name) and the fact that they had (at least) two
children. One was a daughter, but I have no name for her. However, I
have reason to believe that she may have been in Colorado with her
mother at some point in the late 1920's. The other, a son and my
great-grandfather, John ("Jack")Ward Sinclair I (b. 1891 in Ohio),
served in WWI and went to Bannack, Montana to mine gold. He died in 1928
after a mining accident. Have you ever come across anything that may be
linked to them?


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