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Re: Occupation

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To Jenny,

>From Donald Whyte's book "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before
Confederation"(1867), he lists a whole family of seafaring Sinclairs

Capt. John, b. 1803, son of Thomas S., from Minn, Burra, Shetland Is., to Ontario 1841; stld Norfold Co.   went later to MI, USA.  Master of a ship operating on the Great Lakes.  Lighthouse-keeper at R Gratiot, 1867-78  Married Agnes Sinclair.  children:  1. Thomas.  2.  John, lighthouse-keeper, ThunderBay Is.; 3. Lawrence, sailor; 4. James, went to Florida; 5. Capt. Daniel; 6. Capt. Alexander R, b. 1844; 7 Cyrus H;  8.. Peter, drowned 1876;  9. Elizabeth.

Although none of these Ontario Sinclairs are related to us, my husband does remember older relatives talking about "Captain Red Sinclair", who was probably
Duncan Sinclair, who was a seaman on the great lakes.  

This probably has little, or nothing, to do with your Sinclair search, but interesting, just the same.

Good luck with your search.


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