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Re: Fw: Argyll Sinclairs

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To Donald (and Neil Watters)

I just spent a couple of hours at the local library going through the Bowmore Parish microfilm (OPR #536), which we purchased when we were in Scotland last year.

The details Re Archibald Buie and Anne Sinclair are correct, as are her birth 
data.  Are you sure that the Anne Sinclair buried in the Henderson Cemetary is
your Anne?  There were quite a lot of Sinclairs who settled in Bruce County in
the mid 1800s.

I checked out all the baptism records after Archibald and Anne were married in
1840, and there are no Buie children baptized in Bowmore Parish.  Do you know when they emigrated from Islay?

I have a photocopy of a letter from a Lydia Graber to Robert Fleming (who,in the 1930's was researching the descendants of a Donald Sinclair of Islay, who first settled in Peel County, and then moved up to Simcoe County.)  In this letter, she wrote"....I was sorry to hear of the death of our cousin Annie Buie.  I guess mostly all of my dear father's relatives are....."  She was very old at the time she wrote the letter, so she could be referring to your Anne.  

I also have some information on Anne's brother Angus, if you are interested.
Donald, I thought you were from Australia (I can't remember why), so how do you
connect with Ontario?


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