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Re: Magnus Sinclair of Lerwick, Scotland

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To Chris:

I checked in Donald Whyte's "A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada Before Confederation", because the name "Magnus" twigged my memory.  Here goes:

SINCLAIR, MAGNUS:  probably from Orkney Isles. To Hudson Bay, possibly <1732.
Served with the Hudson Bay Company as a mason.  Contract expired 1737, when due
to return home.

Now, Magnus seems to be an uncommon name, so he could be related.

I know that many Orkney Isle Sinclairs also went to Hudson Bay to work, and many
stayed. There are some members of our email group who are descendants of them,
and they might have some information to share.

Finally, regarding the US Jerome Magnus Sinclair, I know Donald Whyte also wrote an American version "Dictionary of Scotish Emigrants to the USA (pre-1855, published at Baltimore in 1972, reprinted in 1981.  I don't have that one, but
perhaps one of our American cousins who does could look that information up for

Good luck with your research.

Toni S.


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