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orphanage papers

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Laurie, about 5 years ago my parents sold their home and moved to a Mobile
Home in a park to be closer to my brother Gary. That is when I came across THE
TRUNK' My sister-in-law and I looked through it and was surprise by the things
we saw such as a diploma from Kentucky Orphan school.  also Papers sent to a
maternal reletive stating he would no longer as her guardien receive a pitiful
little check sent to him monthly.There is a Sinclair adoption Page on the Web 
 which list guardianships as well, but I can't seem to get into it ,.there was
also part of a letter and newspaper article about a sinclair burning in a
fire,it said something to the effect, that (it appears there is another one of
us) in the trunk. We were so busy trying to clean out and sell things that we
didn't really get into everything. Now that I have this computer and with my
Dad dying and Mom isn"t doing great, I feel the urgency. Does this make sense
to you? Since it seems  another Sinclair child died in a fire,maybe someone
has this info.
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