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Hi Della-
I can't believe you live so close!  I guess it really IS a small world on
the net...  I still use the surname Sinclair -- I was married very briefly
several years ago, and retained my maiden name after the marriage ended (my
married name was King).

I spoke with my mother last night, and she tells me that the information
she got about Daniel Wickliffe was from that book I was telling you about.
(Toni, if you are out there, will you kindly put out the information one
more time about how to order the book about the Sinclairs of Caithness,
etc....?).  My Mother says it is full of birth dates, marriage dates, etc.
of the Sinclairs that came from Caithness in Scotland (which is where MY
ancestors are from).  She tells me that there is no information about
Daniel having any children, though.

About the "fire" article, I have not heard anything about this in my line,
but it sounds like there is a "Lou and Gail" out there who may know
something.  Do you remember if the newspaper article was from NY, as Lou
and Gail mentioned?

Hopefully, there will be others on this discussion list that may have more
information...  I will let you know if I learn anything further.

>Laurie ,
>you wont believe this but I live in Hemet. (909)926-9350, though Email is
>cheaper, maybe we could meet somewhere for lunch sometime. I have a 31 yr old
>som with cerebral palsey, I have to work around his day program, he leaves at
>6:45A.M and returns home arounf 3:45, My husband plays senior softball here in
>Hemet. Any how,back to THE TRUNK!! It is in my brothers garage in Yakima. My
>Mom is in  Living Care nursing home. I have had to fly up there 4 times this
>year due to my Dads health and then when he Passed away, then went back the
>first two weeks in May cause Mom was very ill. That explains my not being able
>to rush up there right now. like I want.Dom you have a different last name or
>do you use Sinclair  ? I am anxious to hear your reaction to all this.

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