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One small correction...Squire John is simply a John, (not a John-George).
Does your mother have any siblings?   Does she remember her father's full
name?  It would be interesting to get into that old trunk at her house --
it may hold some answers to your family tree...  I will also ask my mother
to check her family group sheets to see if there is any other information
directly related to Daniel Wickliffe Sinclair.

>From: Dizzydell@aol.com
>Date: Wed, 9 Sep 1998 16:54:34 EDT
>To: sinclair@zilker
>Cc: Laurie.sinclair@ucr.edu
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>hELLO TO EVERYONE.I may have a lead to my grandfather Daniel Sinclair.Squire
>John George Sinclair had a brother named Alexander who had a son named John
>George Sinclair. John george Sinclair  had a son named Daniel Wickliffe
>Sinclair, bron 3/31/1873  this Daniel died at age 37. Can anyone enlighten me
>with anymore info on this family? Thank you Laurie.

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