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Re: Sinclair bottoms

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>Dear friends,

I was so relieved to finally read that Sinclair Bottom was a place.  I thought 
it might instigate a whole new conversation similar to "noses"!

Sorry, I haven't had anything intelligent to add to our discussion group lately,
but I've enjoyed reading all your exchanges.  When I go to my mailbox down the lane, I get bills.  When I get my mail online, I get this!  What a blessing.
Please keep it up.

Since we frequently get new members to our group, every once in a while I feel
compelled to ask if anyone out there has a connection to Sinclairs from the Isle of Islay, in Argylshire, Scotland.  (to the rest of you, I know I sound like a broken record.  Sorry about that)  In the little parish of Bowmore, Islay, I
have recorded the marriages of approximately 70 Sinclair men from 1773 to 1852,  not to mention their multitudinous offspring.  We visited the parish last
year, and there is not a single Sinclair living there anymore. Where are their descendants now?  Our branch travelled to Victoria County, Ontario, Canada in the 1840s, but I know others went to Peel, Grey, Bruce, and Simcoe Counties, in Ontario.  If these locations ring a bell with any of you, please contact me.  I'd be so happy to share what information I have.

All the best,
Toni S.

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