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Re :replies to Argyllshire Sinclairs

Karen Matheson,Antonia Sinclair,Neil Sinclair
Thank you for your replies and I apologise for the delay.
My Sinclairs seem to have been in the Dalmally, Loch Awe area for at least 150 years. ( The local church graveyard is full of them). Before that I do not know.
As far as the Argyllshire Sinclairs being of a different line, I have a leaflet that has 8 different articles on the Sinclairs but 2  of these mention that "the Sinclairs of Argyllshire and of the West of Scotland... do not appear to be connected to the Sinclairs of the North".  However the references do not say which article is theirs.
If anyone is interested  please find following those references-
Debrett's Peerage,Baronetage,Knightage & Companionage
The Highland Clans - Moncreiffe of that Ilk
A History of the Highlands - James Browne
The Guide to Scottish Tartans - Albany Herald
The Scottish Clans and their Tartans
The Clans and Tartans of Scotland - Robert Bain
The Clans - James Logan
The A.B.C. of Heraldry - G.C. Rothery
Regards, Donald Sinclair