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[Fwd: Robert Sinclair of Ohio]


Thanks so much for your e-mails. Seems like we've got a Robert thing
going here - my gg grandfather Robert, you are Robert,  and I have a
brother whose name is Robert. Hmmm. Anyway....

I really appreciate your contacting me with your information and
questions. I've got Jean Grigsby interested in my line too, as it
happens. She seems to think there might be some chance of my descending
from one of her missing "twigs" in Ohio. I can only hope. Please see the
e-mail I just sent her for what little information I have been able to
gather in addition to that which I included in my initial e-mail to the
mailing list.

I haven't managed to check any of the census indexes yet. I spent all
night until 5 in the morning trying to access them and with no luck at
all. Are those copies of the Census indexes for 1840 that you have in a
computer file by any chance? If they are, would it be possible for you
to send them to me via e-mail attachment(s)? I would also be very
interested in the list of marriages in Highland Co. from 1806-1880.
There could be a chance I could find my Robert on that list.

As far as the Noel name goes, it could be likely that there is some
connection between the Noel clan and my Sinclair line. I have thought
about that actually. The other reason for my great uncle Rod having Noel
as a middle name could also be that he was born on Christmas Eve and
"Noel" in French means Christmas. His mother, my great grandmother, Rose
Gauthier, was French Canadian.

Thanks again for the messages and keep in touch. As you said, you never
know what kind of new developments will crop up.

Kristin A. Hussein