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RE: Leonard Morrisons Book

Hey, robert!  Where are you?  Gotta be in wisconsin or close by with that isp address.  There is a charming old copy of the morrrison book in madison at the wi state historical society library.   I have broken copyright laws myself and photocopied a bunch of it - at least the bunch that pertains to my line.  I'll look and see what pages I have.

Deb Reed

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Is there someone out there who has a copy of 
"History of the Sinclair Family" by Leonard Allison. (Allirin)  Morrison. 
That could make me copies of pages 41,42,43,44 and pages 351 thru 358 that would be legible enough to scan into the computer, I have build a page on the General at 
and would like to include his ancestry. I have copies from a microfilm but they are to indistinct to read or scan. Thanking All in Advance 

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